Look at this passage from Mark 1:17-18, “And Jesus said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.  And immediately they left their nets and followed him.”

They immediately left their nets and followed Him. You know some people react this way to authority in their lives…and others might react this way to those promptings them to do something specific that comes without notice in the middle of the night or even during the day.  But most of us do not. We must assess which is more important…our sleep or their need…our project or theirs…our desires or their ask.

Now, not everything should prompt us to act or react without thinking first…but when it comes to what the LORD says and expects of us wouldn’t it be great to be able to say that we instantly obey the Spirit’s leading or the commands of God found in Scripture…I don’t know, like… immediately.

There are days when we read a passage of Scripture in the morning and we are immediately uncomfortable because we know we don’t do that…immediately confess your sin right then and there; don’t wait…because you won’t do it later. When our conscience is moved to do what the Lord’s Word tells us…immediately do it now, if you can…at least, immediately pray…then, unless providentially hindered, present your bodies to God now…worship God now…tell others about your faith now…take your neighbor a dish, if the Spirit is prompting you, now.  Mark uses the word “immediately” a lot in his Gospel. Is that because he is a natural procrastinator or is it because God knows that we all are especially when it comes to doing something…anything…that may be outside of our comfort zones.

Too many of us brush aside the promptings of the Spirit and the commands of God from Scripture, when the right and best course is to do what we are being told by Jesus…immediately. Jesus walks through our day, moment by moment, hour by hour …do we believe that? If we say we do then we need to act like it. Since Jesus says for us to “stay alert”, pray …right now, even immediately…that He would help you to stay alert and watchful…with your eyes wide open to what He is calling you to do…and when He does speak through His Word and nudge us in a particular direction…ask the Lord to give you strength so as not to let you drag your feet. Oh, and do that immediately!

Here’s an old prayer to get you started, immediately!

“Oh Lord, thou requires me to keep my heart with all diligence, and I feel utterly incompetent for such a task: such a work lies altogether beyond my feeble powers; therefore, I humbly ask Thee in the name of Christ to graciously grant unto me supernatural strength to do as Thou hast bidden me, Lord, work in me both to will and to do Thy good pleasure.” A.W. Pink

God Bless y’all.

In His Grip,
Pastor Mike

Picture of Mike Singenstreu

Mike Singenstreu

Mike Singenstreu is Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Victoria, TX.

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